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What You Didn't Hear The First Time Around

The Great Sixties Songs/Bands You May Have Missed

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Obscure is probably a bad word to use. What we're here to promote is bands other than the 6 or 7 most people have heard of from the 60's. It doesn't have to be something remarkably rare, but we want to encourage people to listen to bands OTHER than the Beatles, Doors, etc. as great as those guys may be. Sadly, great bands of the era often get overshadowed by their more famous counterparts, and it's time someone stood up and said that by gum, Dave Dee, Dozy, beaky, Mick, and Tich were as good as the next British invasion band, and Simon Dupree is seriously underrated. Don't be afraid to discuss anything here, though, we're open to anyone with a love of all things 60's, and the bands that the majority of people don't know of.
1910 fruitgum co., ? and the mysterians, billy nichols, blue cheer, captain beefheart, clear light, dr. west, early pink floyd, early status quo, electric flag, elmer gantry's velvet opera, fapardokly, grapefruit, group 1850, hp lovecraft, it's a beautiful day, jefferson airplane, john's children, kaleidoscope (uk), kaleidoscope (us), les fleurs de lys, los bravos, los mockers, los shakers, moby grape, new colony six, nirvana (the 60s one), os mutantes, plastic penny, psychedelic jug bands, quicksilver messenger service, rainbow ffolly, ro-d-ys, roky erickson, sagittarius, sandi robison, sean bonniwell, skip bifferty, sky saxon, spirit, sundazed records, the 13th floor elevators, the action, the artwoods, the association, the attack, the ballroom, the banana splits, the beatles, the birds, the blues magoos, the blues project, the bonzo dog band, the bubble puppy, the byrds, the chocolate watchband, the clouds, the count five, the cowsills, the creation, the cryan' shames, the easybeats, the electric prunes, the eyes, the first edition, the fugs, the herd, the idle race, the kinks, the leaves, the left banke, the lemon pipers, the magic mushrooms, the mc5, the mccoys, the millenium, the misunderstood, the monks, the moody blues, the moon, the motions, the move, the music emporium, the nazz, the nice, the ohio express, the paisleys, the peanut butter conspiracy, the pretty things, the primitives, the remains, the rolling stones, the seeds, the shadows of knight, the shoes, the sir douglas quintet, the smoke, the soft machine, the sonics, the sopwith camel, the standells, the stooges, the strawberry alarm clock, the tages, the troggs, the turtles, the velvet underground, the yardbirds, the youngbloods, the zakary thaks, the zombies, tomorrow, ultimate spinach, unit 4 + 2, we the people, wimple winch, zodiac cosmic sounds